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Genealogy 202 - The Hugh & Zan Gibbs family history

How can we provide the most information with the least being written?  Let's see .... Hugh and Zan both attended public school in St. Augustine, Florida.  Hugh graduated from Ketterlinus High School in 1956 and Zan graduated in 1958.  The romance started while Zan was a high school freshman and Hugh was a high school junior.  Through very restricted dating in high school the romance continued and lead to marriage just as Hugh graduated from Arkansas State University in January of 1961.  As many agreed to in that era of time, Zan would take care of the home front and Hugh would bring home the bacon.  As the Viet Nam war started escalating in 1961 and the draft became a favorite method of obtaining Army recruits the pressure was building on the Gibbs family to avoid the Army induction.  In July of 1961 Hugh entered the U. S. Naval Aviation training program and received Naval wings in December of 1962.  

Our daughter, Melanie Kay (7lbs. 3 oz.) was born December 17, 1962, and we received orders to Air Transport Squadron 22 at Norfolk Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia on December 20, 1962.  Excitement was in the air as we traveled with our new baby to VR-22 in Norfolk.  Zan became more and more familiar with running a household as I spent more and more time away from Norfolk.  

We were blessed with our son Hugh Donald Jr. (7lbs. 9 oz.) born on June 23, 1965.  Zan was doing a great job managing the home front and I was starting to fly trips in and out of Viet Nam.  I was released from active duty May 30, 1966 and started work for Delta Air Lines on June 13, 1966.  Up to this point we had officially moved nine times.  The postal service had grown tired of address changes and we'd tired of dragging furniture.  Like other jobs commercial aviation was a job you started at the bottom and slowly worked your way up.  Atlanta, Georgia was our home from June of 1966 until we temporally moved to Houston, TX, January 1969.  We're still in Texas.  Green Card? .... other folks do it without a green card.

Two great kids - To be continued!

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