Genealogy 101


Well as the animation shows genealogy can be traced for many generations.  Since this is Genealogy 101 we'll just cover the basics of Hugh & Zan's genealogy.  Zan or as the certificate states Sandra Rebecca Morris was born to Oswald and Beatrice Morris August 14, 1940, in Ocilla, Georgia.  Oh yeah, it would only be fair to share with ya' that on that same day Zoe Zenobia Morris, Zan's twin sister had been born five minutes later.  In the mid '40's Zan's father started employment with the Life of Georgia Insurance Company in their St. Augustine, Florida field office.  The family of four moved to 12 Grove Avenue in St. Augustine.

Hugh Donald Gibbs was born the fifth child to Thomas and Gladys Gibbs at his grandparents farm in Florala, Alabama on June 1, 1938.  Hugh, or as his family addresses him "Turk" was reared at 38 Grant Street in St. Augustine, Florida and rural Florala, Alabama.

Folks, that's all for Genealogy 101 but if you think you've got to know more you may progress to Genealogy 202 from the home page.

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