Hey Political Friends,

    Likely after the November 2016 election, 49% of the participating voters in the USA were disappointed.   From the email I've gotten from both parties it appears that the other guy, be he Democrat/Republican, is a down right idiot.  That would mean that to some folks 49% - 51% of the people I see in Wal-Mart or Home Depot or square dancing, or cheering for the Astros or Texans, or at my church would be idiots.  Please, somebody explain this to me.  Ya' know, looking back at past Presidents we've survived in spite of Truman and "Ike", a Catholic, Texas' own LBJ, a Watergate, a peanut farmer, and actor, "read my lips", a womanizer (who knows there might have been several of those) and an arrogant Texan, and a half black .... who got re-elected. 

    Hey I've got a better idea.  First, let's praySecond, let's pray for all people.  Third, let's pray for the leaders of our nation no matter which party they represent.  What a win, win, situation.  Pray, then pray for every person, and then pray for our leaders .... no way to loose, no way to not pray for the right people.  Hey thanks for sticking with me this far.  Can ya' tell whether I'm in the 49% or the 51% group?  Hey .... odds are 49-51 that you're right and I am an idiot .... so pray for me .... and and Zan too.  Then let's put some feet and mind to our prayers.  Do some real investigating, hold candidates and office holders accountable.

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